STEF’s Trustees

Sir Richard Armstrong

Sir Richard is our President and a huge supporter of our work. Read more about Richard >

Dr Andrew Higgins

Andrew is Chairman of the Board of Trustees and was instrumental in establishing STEF in 2017. Read more about Andrew >

Peter Laurie

Peter is Vice-chair of STEF and a founder Trustee. He has senior executive and Trustee experience in various UK charities and is recognised as a world leader in animal welfare. Read more about Peter >

Roger Clark

Roger is Hon Treasurer and was a founder Trustee of STEF. He is an experienced financial professional and passionate about elephant welfare. Read more about Roger >

Jakrapob Thaotad

Jake gave up a career in science to dedicate himself to the welfare of the Thai elephant. Read more about Jake >

Amy Stevens

Amy joined the Trustee Board in 2020. As Chief Executive of a leading UK fundraising consultancy, Gifted Philanthropy, Read more about Amy >

Brian da Cal

Brian joined the STEF board in 2022 and was appointed Hon Secretary in 2023. He has a background in animal welfare and international development. Read more about Brian

Dr Fieke Molenaar

Dr Fieke Molenaar joined the STEF board in November 2022. She has been working with elephants for over 12 years. Read more about Dr Fieke

Katy Wrench

Katy Wrench joined the STEF board in December 2022. She has background in digital marketing and website design. Read more about Katy

Lorraine Miller

Lorraine Miller joined the STEF Board in May 2023.  Read more about Lorraine

Michael Seton

Michael is a qualified vet who is passionate about animal welfare.  Read more about Michael