Join the Herd

STEF’s vital work with these majestic animals cannot be done without your support – THANK YOU for joining us on our journey and helping us give the endangered elephants of Thailand a brighter future.

Ways to Donate

Donate online

You can give STEF a one-off or regular donation using our online system. Simply visit the dedicated donation page and choose the amount and frequency you wish to donate. Every little helps, and the elephants are grateful for every donation, no matter the size. Please give what you can now.

‘Adopt an Elephant’

By supporting our adopt an elephant programme you will be directly impacting the care of the elephants coming into the Veterinary Centre. Find out more about this new programme or join now.

Give at Checkout

Make every purchase powerful with Give at Checkout.

Support STEF every time you check out with PayPal, by setting us up as your favourite charity. By doing so you will then have the option to include a £1 donation every time you purchase something.

Leave a legacy

By remembering STEF in your Will, you will be safeguarding the future welfare of elephants in Southern Thailand so that they can live long and happy lives. Our work means that elephants in need will always have food, shelter and good medical care. By leaving a gift in your Will, you will enable us to continue this work.

We invite you to join a very special group of people who will make a bequest to STEF.

Donate through Ebay

Why not add us as a charity when you list your item on Ebay?

It’s really simple, and PayPal does all the work. All you have to do is choose STEF as your charity when selling an item, and the amount you want to donate. Once the sale is completed through Ebay as normal PayPal will then automatically collect your donation amount.

Easy Fundraising

Whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be raising free donations for STEF with easyfundraising? There are over 7,000 brands on board ready to make a donation, and it won’t cost you a penny extra to help STEF raise funds.

All you need to do is:

1. Visit our dedicated page and join for free.

2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.

3. After you’ve checked out, the brand will make a donation to Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation at no extra cost to you whatsoever!


You can make a donation by sending us a cheque – made payable to ‘Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation’.

Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation
Lakin Rose,
Pioneer House, Chivers Way,
Histon, Cambridge,
CB24 9NL, UK

Make a Difference

Your gift (however you chose to give it) will make a real difference to the welfare of elephants in Southern Thailand.

One-off Donations

  • A one-off donation of £10

    • Can help cover the cost of wound cleaning supplies and hot massage oil
    • Can help cover the cost of a bottle of Vitamin C tablets which are vital for baby elephants immune systems, to protect them from the deadly EEHV virus
    • Can help cover the cost of 500 blood supplement tablets
    • Can help cover the cost of vital equipment such as needles, swabs, gauze, syringes etc
  • A one-off donation of £30

    will help fund the STEF mobile clinic for one month, enabling our dedicated vets to travel to elephants in need that cannot be transported to our veterinary centre in Khok Kloi, Thailand.

  • A one-off donation of £60

    Will help to pay a vet’s salary for a month, ensuring top-notch medical care for the endangered elephants of Thailand.

Monthly Donations

  • £10 a month

    would help to keep the hospital well supplied with elephant feed, medications and dressings to ensure that any patient at the STEF veterinary centre can be treated whenever the need arises.

  • £30 a month

    would help to keep the STEF mobile vet clinic on the road all year round, reaching and treating elephants in remote areas of Southern Thailand.

  • £60 a month

    would help pay the salaries of our vets all year round so that they can continue the vital work of treating elephants with no charge to their mahouts, who otherwise could not afford the veterinary care.

Other Ways to Support STEF