The Work Begins

The Story of STEF

Dr Aon examines a small wound on Kaew

Our Veterinary Officer, Dr Aon, has wasted no time since the opening of the STEF Veterinary Centre Khok Kloi to start visits in her mobile clinic.  One of her early calls was to see Sao Nui, a 30-year-old female  elephant who was showing signs of discomfort and suffering from mild diarrhoea.   When Dr Aon returned to see her again a few days ago, she was delighted to find Sao Nui back to normal in terms of her appetite and her dung.

While she was there, the mahout also asked Dr Aon to check another of his elephants, Kaew, aged 35, who had a tiny wound on the left side of her face.  During the treatment Dr Aon checked the microchip number and took a record of the history of Kaew’s health. She was in excellent condition and Dr Aon cleaned the wound and showed the carer how to clean an elephant’s eye if needed.

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