Become a Medicine Angel for the Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation

Having completed the development of our Elephant Veterinary Centre at Khok Kloi, we must now ensure that we can fund the medicines that our veterinary team need to treat elephants in Thailand. Our aim is to treat all elephants free of charge, whatever their circumstances, so that elephant welfare is always paramount.  This is why we need you to be a Medicine Angel.

The average cost of treating a sick or injured elephant is estimated to be around £120 a year. For just £5 a month, you could be part of a special group of people – our Medicine Angels – and fund an elephant’s treatment for six month.  For £10 a month, you could cover one elephant for a year.  In return, you’ll receive a certificate acknowledging your commitment, along with our fact sheet, “100 facts about elephants”,  and regular updates on the elephants that we have treated.

Could you become a Medicine Angel and MAKE A GIFT NOW to contribute to the vital healthcare needs of elephants across the region?

[For further information about our aims as an elephant charity, see Our Strategy  And to read the latest updates on the treatment and work carried out by our vet, Dr Aon, please go to our News section. Since the mobile clinic began operating at the end of 2020, Dr Aon has already visited and examined over 170 elephants in the Phang Nga and Phuket Provinces.  There has been much demand for STEF’s help, and we want to make sure that we can continue and, indeed, expand our work so that all elephants in the region can receive medical attention whenever necessary].

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