Big Give Christmas Challenge

Double your Donation: Double your Impact

STEF is taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge again this year with the aim of raising £12,500 to help us to continue our work caring for sick and injured elephants in Thailand, and we’d be thrilled if you could donate.

Any donation you make via the Big Give link between 12 noon on 29th November until 12 noon on 6th December, will be doubled, so your support will have twice the impact. We shall be publishing the link for donations on our website in a week’s time, when the campaign begins, so do check.  Or, you can follow us on social media to find the link there and to keep up to date with the challenge.  Do please ask your friends to follow us as well.

Last year STEF provided free veterinary treatment to over 200 elephants.

For us to continue safeguarding the welfare of elephants in Southern Thailand, we need your support.

Projected budget for 2023

  1. £55,000 for medicines in the next year, for both the mobile clinic and the hospital. This includes saline solution and laboratory tests (carried out on site at our hospital)
  2. £5,600 annual cost of running the mobile clinic
  3. £15,500 Salaries for two vets

Since last year’s successful Big Give Christmas Challenge, STEF has continued to grow its veterinary provision to elephants in Southern Thailand, including the opening of our elephant hospital in Khok Koi and employing an assistant vet.

Over the last 12 months, our vets have been out in the mobile clinic, visiting elephants in Phang Nga, Phuket, Krabi and Surat Thani Provinces. They have checked up on new born elephants, treated sick, elderly elephants and everything else in between (see previous news stories). Barely a day goes by when our hospital doesn’t receive calls from elephant owners asking for advice or for a visit. Earlier this year, Dr Aon, our chief veterinary office, travelled 1,721 km in the mobile clinic in just one month.

Medicines such as anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories, rehydration fluids, de-worming tablets, ivermectin injections (to deal with gadfly infections) cost a lot of money – especially as elephants require elephant-sized dozes.  As a result of support for STEF in the Big Give Christmas Campaign last year, we were able to provide much of the funding towards these costs, enabling our vets to treat elephants at no charge to their owners who are often living at subsistence level in remote areas.  Please consider donating during the Big Give Christmas Challenge week, but remember to do this via the Big Give link rather than directly through our website.

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