Next Project: A Storeroom for Elephant Medications

elephant veterinary centre

The STEF Veterinary Centre Office Over-Run by Boxes of Fluid

One problem with elephants being so big is that they require giant doses of medication when they become ill.  Top of the list of these medications are fluids, because elephants become easily dehydrated. And when an elephant gets dehydrated it needs a lot of fluid…

So when, much to our delight, the General Hospital Products Public Company Ltd (GHP) donated a large quantity of fluids to our Veterinary Centre at Khok Kloi, the clinic/office (recently named the Hawthorne Building) was soon swamped in large boxes.  There were  300 boxes of saline solution and 400 boxes of dextrose solution delivered, and they all had to be stacked up inside the Hawthorne Building, which is currently our only building on the site apart from the open-sided elephant barn.

So, unsurprisingly, our next major project is to build a large, fully secured store room.  We estimate this will cost £9,500 to construct, and we shall doing our best to raise this money in the coming months.

You can see from the photos, below (click on each picture to enlarge), just how much the reception, office and lab have been swamped by boxes.  Dr Aon, our veterinary officer, can hardly access her desk!

If you would like to support our work caring for elephants, please do contact us, or make direct donation here.  Or, you might like to consider becoming a Medicine Angel.