We are delighted that Issured, a UK business transformation company, have given their support to our work at Ban Ton Sae.

Not only are the team at Issured providing help with STEF’s marketing and strategic planning, they have also funded the STEF Thailand pick-up, which is vital as we prepare the site for the elephant hospital at Ban Ton Sae. Issured’s Chief Operating Officer, Kiron Bose, and Head of Design & Delivery Services Leanne Carlin, met recently with STEF trustees to discuss further collaboration and cooperation. In announcing the collaboration, Issured’s Chief Executive, Jon Empson, said “Our staff are excited to see the company support STEF. We are all looking forward to working with you and to see the work of this excellent charity thrive to the benefit of the endangered Asian elephant in Thailand”.

We are proud to share the photos of the new pick-up truck, which is currently used by the Chairman of STEF Thailand, Jake Thaotad  as project manager of the new development, but the vehicle will later become a mobile veterinary unit once the clinic is open and the veterinarian has been appointed.

As you can read on their website, Issured designs business operations, processes and applications with security and investigation capabilities in mind.  They offer a partnership that delivers an end-to-end service from business design to change delivery and workforce training.  With extensive experience in digital intelligence and investigation, digital transformation, cyber security, safeguarding and safer cities, they guide customers to real, tangible benefits that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Our thanks to all the staff at Issured for their wonderful support.