New Branding for STEF

elephant welfare

We’re Trumpeting STEF’s New Branding

We’re pleased to announce that STEF has received a brand upgrade!  We’ve come a long way since we first registered as a charity in November 2017, with many problems overcome and many milestones passed on our journey (see our timeline) and we felt that now was the time to take a fresh look at our image as well as our achievements.

Our new designs are focussed on our renewed hope for a genuinely brighter future for Thailand’s elephants, something that STEF is already helping to achieve through its free medical care to elephants in Southern Thailand. Our new Veterinary Centre – the first NGO elephant hospital in Southern Thailand – is now up and running, and has already received many patients; and last year we treated over 400 elephants via our mobile clinic.

We hope you like the branding. We felt it was time for us to create a bolder, brighter and renewed look that would reflect the immense importance of our work for elephant welfare, and to trumpet as loudly as possible that STEF is here to help elephants in need.

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