Katy Wrench

Katy joined STEF at the end of 2022, having already given us guidance on our new branding and logo. She graduated in Biological Anthropology and Geography and holds a Master’s in Disaster Management, and she is passionate about the environment and human behaviour and areas where they intermingle. She has spent the last 10 years in Digital Marketing from building websites and designing logos to managing social media, SEO strategy and building CRM systems, and she also brings a wealth of technical knowledge from the education, tech and charitable sectors.

Katy has a busy life outside of her day job in marketing data automation and her role supporting STEF; she is also leading a team of volunteers in the development of The Climate App to help individuals to take action against climate change. Back in 2014 she spent a year living and working in Thailand for the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre and had the opportunity to meet elephants face to face. She wanted to rekindle her connection with Thailand by offering her marketing experience to STEF.

In her spare time, Katy enjoys hiking around the world, having already visited over 34 different countries, many of which were whilst she was in Asia. Her lifelong aim to get to every country!