Trunk Talk

Did you know that an elephant drinks between 100-200 litres of water a day?  This is one reason why we need to create a bore hole on the site at Ban Ton Sae, so that when elephants arrive at the veterinary centre for treatment, there will be enough water for them.

Work on the Elephant veterinary centre is progressing well, but now we need to raise enough funds to sink a bore hole, set up a holding tank and buy a water pump – a total cost of £10,000.  This will enable us to pipe water to the new veterinary centre and provide for the elephants when they are being treated.

STEF is supporting this project at the Ban Ton Sae reserve, near Phuket, because it addresses an urgent need for a treatment centre and care home for sick or abandoned elephants.   There are over 500 domestic elephants in the Phang Nga province, but no dedicated elephant hospital, so a sick elephant may have to travel for over four hours in a truck to receive treatment.  The veterinary centre at Ban Ton Sae will provide free treatment for elephants in the region as well a mobile veterinary service.  At STEF, the welfare of the Thai elephants is paramount.

Please help us care for these magnificent creatures.