STEF Thailand Opens Veterinary Volunteer Programme

veterinary volunteer programme

Our first volunteers, Amy and Kate, meet a new friend

Our sister charity, STEF Thailand, has now established a veterinary volunteer programme at the STEF-funded veterinary hospital near Khok Kloi. This programme provides the opportunity for veterinary students, nurses, qualified veterinary professionals, and gap year students with an interest in veterinary/zoological/conservation studies, to learn about the care of the magnificent but endangered Asian elephant. Our chief veterinary officer, Dr Aon, will mentor the volunteers, providing participants the chance to observe medical procedures, learn about routine diagnostic tests, travel with the mobile clinic and learn about elephant husbandry and welfare.

The course is available for a minimum of one week, but can be extended (with a 15% reduction in cost for each additional week booked), and can used as part of the EMS requirement for veterinary students. The course is run by STEF Thailand, and initially will take up to two volunteers at one time, with good accommodation on site.

If volunteering at the STEF Veterinary Centre sounds like something you would like to do, you can make a booking through the STEFT website.  For more information please visit the STEFT website or email:  Our first volunteer arrived on 6th November this year, and had a busy but interesting week.

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