A Thank You to Our Tree Sponsors

STEF veterinary centre

The site of the STEF Veterinary Centre at Khok Kloi, Phang Nga Province

Just over three years ago,  STEF posted its first website news story. The story was about our Sponsor a Tree appeal, set up to support the restoration of the fragmented habitat at the recently acquired site for the new elephant veterinary centre at Khok Kloi. At this stage, the work on the hospital buildings at the new centre hadn’t even begun.

Looking back at that first story (see News), we can see just how far we have come in the last three years. While our main focus has been on building a hospital to treat sick or injured elephants, and which is now complete with a mobile clinic in operation, we have also been conscious of the need to create a biodiverse landscape of natural forest that will provide grazing, shelter and shade for elephants and for the park’s natural bird and animal population.

None of this could have come about without the help of our generous supporters, and at this point we’d like to thank in particular those of you who contributed to our Sponsor a Tree campaign. We now have signs (in Thai and English) that name each tree type planted, and a large board has been made that lists all the sponsors names. This is on display in the park at the veterinary centre, and we hope one day our wonderful sponsors, as well as many other visitors, will have the opportunity to visit the elephant centre to see for themselves the important work we are doing.

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