The Hawthorne Building

The Story of STEF

STEF Trustee Jakrapob Thaotad and Veterinary Officer Dr Aon under the new sign

STEF is delighted to announce the naming of the new elephant hospital office and laboratory after The Hawthorne Trust. It is to be known in future as the Hawthorne Building.

The Trustees of The Hawthorne Trust have been wonderful supporters of our work from the very beginning – indeed their first grant to the charity was in 2018 – and they have generously helped further both in 2019 and 2020. Without their funding we could not have reached our target at this time. The STEF Trustees sincerely thank The Hawthorne Trust for their foresight, vision and financial help. We will care for The Hawthorne Building as it, in turn, will serve to care for the needs of elephants of Southern Thailand.

The Hawthorne Building was recently blessed by the Holy Monk Phra Sirindhorn in a special ceremony attended by STEF Trustee Jake Thaotad and his family.  During the ceremony, which lasted about an hour, the Holy Monk first blessed the door to the building and then the inside.  He presented Jake with a statue of The Buddha, which will remain in the building as the focus for a small shrine.

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