Sponsor a Truck of Food to Help the Starving Elephants

feed the starving elephants

A much needed delivery made possible by a joint venture between STEF and Thai Elephant Alliance Association (the banner on the truck shows the logos of STEF and TEAA)

STEF is thrilled to have already raised almost £7,000 for its Covid-19 campaign to feed the starving elephants in Thailand through it’s JustGiving page and via generous private donations.  A big thank you to all our supporters.  But we still need more!

There has been excellent progress on the ground in Thailand to get food to those elephants most in need. Through our sister charity STEF Thailand (STEFT) we are working in collaboration with the Thai Elephant Alliance Association (website) to distribute trucks of food (mostly pineapple plants and sugar cane) to owners who are struggling to feed their elephants due to their loss of income from tourism (see news story).

In the first two weeks of deliveries, 1,125 elephants throughout Thailand received food, and among those were 62 elephants in the Phang Nga Province (Southern Thailand). Volunteers from STEFT are coordinating the deliveries in Southern Thailand and reaching out to those owners most in need via social media and other networks. Many local people are also doing their best to help the elephants at this critical time – one farmer has donated an entire field of sugar cane to feed elephants.

Among the first deliveries made were to Mr Rawang and Mr Chuslip who had both kept their elephants, Kornkow and Meatoy, at an elephant park in Khaolak.  The owners are pictured below.  Mr Rawang said he “wanted to thank everyone who had donated to this appeal to provide the food they need so badly”.

Each elephant needs a truckload of forage every week, and each truckload costs £60. The number of elephants needing food is likely to increase dramatically over the coming months as more and more owners run out of savings and no longer have an income to buy food for their elephants. Could YOU sponsor a truck and feed a starving elephant for a week? Thai Elephants need your help.  STEF is run entirely by volunteers and all the money raised in this appeal will go directly towards feeding the starving elephants in Thailand.  DONATE NOW