We Need Angels!

Medicine Angels

Dr Aon syringes an elephant’s eye

STEF is asking all elephant lovers to support our campaign to protect the elephants of Southern Thailand by becoming a Medicine Angel. We need your help to buy drug supplies and dressings so that we can continue our work in treating sick or injured elephants without the need to charge their owners, many of whom would struggle to pay veterinary costs. We need you to be a Medicine Angel.

Our major project to build a much-needed elephant veterinary centre in Phang Nga Province finally became a reality last month when we opened the STEF Veterinary Centre Khok Kloi. Since then, our veterinary officer, Dr Aon, has wasted no time in getting to know the local elephant owners, visiting them in the STEF mobile clinic, offering advice and treating their elephants.

The clinic is already having a significant impact on the local elephant community, but we need your help to sustain the good work we have started. On average, it costs about £240 to treat one elephant, and we expect to be providing medical care for about 200 elephants a year. If you became a Medicine Angel, your regular donation of £20 a month could potentially cover the cost of one elephant’s treatment, enabling that elephant to live a better life.

When you join you will receive a fascinating elephant fact sheet and a display certificate with your name, and we’ll keep you up to date with our work and with information about the elephants we are treating. Alternatively, you could give the gift of being a Medicine Angel to a family member or friend. Please SIGN UP today.

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