A Major Donation for STEF

Elephant veterinary centre

View of the Ban Ton Sae Veterinary Centre with the barn roof construction in place

STEF is delighted to announce a generous donation of €15,000 from VIER PFOTEN International.   This money will enable the work on the elephant barn at the Ban Ton Sae Veterinary Centre (see our strategy) to progress so that despite these very challenging times we hope to be ready to receive elephants once all the Covid-19 lock down restrictions have been removed.

VIER PFOTEN is widely known as FOUR PAWS and is an international charity providing a strong, global and independent voice for animals under direct human influence.  Its vision is “a world where people treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding” (see website).  We are therefore very pleased to be have their support as we strive to improve the welfare and sustainability of domesticated elephants in Southern Thailand.

In spite of the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, progress at the site at Ban Ton Sae has been encouraging: the windows and doors of the Veterinary lab/office are now in place (these had to be specially treated for fungus and termite resistance) and the floor tiles have been laid.  Work on the barn, where sick or injured elephants will be treated, was delayed because the roofing contractors came from outside the province of Phang Nga which is currently in strict lock down.  Fortunately, a new contractor was found and the roof is due to be completed next week.  Then the concrete floor can be laid, and the stocks and bars put in place – all before the rainy season gets underway.