Getting Closer to Opening

STEF veterinary centre

Dr Aon, the recently appointed veterinary officer at STEF’s veterinary, helps with some cleaning!

It’s all hands to pump as preparations are made for the preliminary inspection to the STEF Veterinary Centre; these inspections are required for the centre to become fully licensed as a veterinary hospital.  Even our wonderful new veterinary officer, Dr Aon, has taken to scrubbing the floor of the office/lab building, which is now fully furnished and almost ready to receive its first visitors.  Outside, helpers have been busy laying turf around the elephant barn and the office.

Dr Aon has spent the last two weeks with the team at the Krabi elephant hospital, where she has treated elephants for infected wounds, eye problems and general foot management. On her first day at Krabi she was working until midnight because the hospital had a very severe case of a 47 year old female elephant from Phuket who had been unable to sleep for a few months and was suffering from muscle trauma and was unable to stand.  They have now managed to get her up on her feet and, hopefully, on her way to a full recovery.

Many of the cases currently coming to Krabi are from the Phuket and Phang Nga provinces, so Dr Aon is confident that once the STEF Veterinary Centre, which is near Khok Kloi, is up and running there will be much demand for hospital treatment at the centre and from our mobile clinic.  This community service, supported by STEF, will be provided free of charge to elephant owners in the region.
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