STEFT Helps Organise Important Seminar

Elephant welfare seminar

Delegates at the Seminar in Phang Nga Province

On behalf of the Provincial Administrative Organisation Phang Nga, the Kon Rak Chang Phang Nga Club (meaning “Phang Nga People love elephants”) and our sister charity STEFT (Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation – Thailand) organised a seminar on 1st and 2nd April at Ka Ta Thong Resort, Phang Nga Province.

On the first day of the seminar, there were lectures by keynote speakers about elephant health care and welfare. On the second day, participants visited Phang Nga Elephant Park to learn about the management of domesticated elephants in an elephant camp, and in the afternoon there was an open discussion session to exchange knowledge between the keynote speakers and local mahouts/owners.

The meeting successfully provided a better understanding and knowledge of elephant welfare and health. We believe that Phang Nga elephant owners, mahouts and local government agencies are becoming more aware of the importance of elephant welfare and health care, and realise that not only is medical treatment  needed but also education and training in order to care properly for elephants.

As the mission of STEF is to give a better future for elephants in Thailand, bringing awareness to people is the first milestone to reach our mission.  We are delighted that STEF Thailand took a key role in organising this seminar.

There were five keynote speakers from three organizations:
1. The Zoological Park Organization Thailand (see Zoo Thailand) – Dr. Visit Arsaithamkul, Assistant Director Bureau of Conservation and Research and Deputy chair of Animal Welfare in Southeast Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association.
2. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Chiang Mai University (see website)
– Dr. Chatchote Thitaram, Associate Dean in Research, Innovation and International Affair and Associated Professor, Department of Companion Animals and Wildlife Clinics
3. The National Elephant Institute (Thailand Elephant)
– Dr. Taweepoke Angkawanish, Head division of Elephant Conservation
– Dr. Benjatham Thaitham, Veterinarian at Krai Elephant Hospital
– Dr. Onjira Chaopong, Veterinarian at Krabi Elephant Hospital

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