STEF Vet Gives Online Presentation

treating sick elephants

Open wide: Dr Aon inspects one of her patients

Dr Aon, STEF’s chief veterinary officer, was recently asked to give an online presentation to GTAEF (the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation) on “The Role of STEF; the First NGO Elephant Hospital in Southern Thailand”. The presentation can be seen here.

In this fascinating presentation Dr Aon talks about her work with the mobile veterinary clinic, visiting and treating sick elephants in Southern Thailand. She discusses some of the cases she has dealt with, and talks about the growing collaboration among owners in Southern Thailand. Dr Aon also gives an account of the progress at the site of the STEF hospital at Khok Kloi as it prepares to take its first patients. The only other elephant hospital in Southern Thailand is the Government funded Krabi Hospital.

GTAEF was set up primarily to help elephants that cannot help themselves (see their website for more information)

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