Jans owner contacted STEF after he had noticed Jan was having trouble walking, was unable to sleep and seemed to be in a lot of pain, causing her to lean backwards.

After examining Jan, Dr Aon suspected Myositis (inflammation of the muscles) and osteoarthritis. Further investigation revealed no spinal injury and most other results appeared normal, with the exception of the creatinine kinase level, which was notably high, indicating possible damage or stress to the muscles.

Jan was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids and fluids to manage her pain. Alternative treatments were also provided to relieve pain and discomfort such as warm herbal compression, massaging oil with an ultrasonic machine, and acupuncture to reduce muscular pain. The vets also restricted Jans movement and provided her with an earth mound to sleep on to make her more comfortable. After a lengthy stay at the STEF hospital Jan was once again walking and resting comfortably.

For long term management of the condition, Jan was prescribed a daily glucosamine supplement.