We are delighted that STEF Thailand has now been formally registered by the Government of Thailand as a Charity. As our sister charity, STEF Thailand is now able to receive donations in Thailand as well as to apply for charitable funds and gifts. STEF Thailand’s stated aims include the health and care of elephants, to provide education and understanding about the elephant, the ancient traditions associated with them in Thai culture, to undertake research that can be directly applied in the field, and to provide a home for old or disabled elephants and those unable to work or live normally in the Southern Province of Thailand.

The land at Ban Ton Sae has been transferred to STEF Thailand enabling this beautiful site to be developed by a non-profit organisation solely in fulfillment of the charity’s objectives.

There are three founder trustees. Jakrapob Thaotad, pictured left with STEF President, Sir Richard Armstrong, has been appointed Chair of the charity; Jake is also a trustee of STEF and you can read more about him on this website here.

He is joined by Dr Siraya Chunekamrai (right), an internationally renowned Thai veterinarian, who was educated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University and Cornell University in the USA; in addition to her two practices (The Animal Farm Veterinary Hospital, a small animal practice in Bangkok, and the Horsepital Equine Hospital), she founded the Lampang Pony Welfare Foundation in northern Thailand and the Cambodia Pony Welfare Organization based in Phnom Penh. She is currently Vice-President of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association.

The third trustee (left) is Mr Adisak Keanghere, a distinguished lawyer who lives in Krabi; Adisak is also a farmer, has a great fondness for elephants and believes strongly in the importance of education.