Elephant welfare

Dr Andrew Higgins with Dr Siraya Chunekamrai in Bangkok

Recently STEF chairman, Dr Andrew Higgins, took a trip to Thailand to visit the STEF veterinary centre, but didn’t pass up an opportunity to connect with other collaborators and friends of STEF in Bangkok.

Firstly, Dr Higgins met with the Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy Bangkok, David Thomas, to explain the work of STEF as an important example of Thai-British cooperation to help in the care of the endangered species, and he invited Mr Thomas to visit the hospital in person to see first-hand the work being carried out to protect this charismatic animal.

He then met with Dr Siraya Chunekamrai, a trustee of STEF Thailand, who was President of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA 2020-2022) and has founded and contributed to many animal welfare organisations in Thailand and Cambodia. We are so grateful that Dr Chunekamrai is providing invaluable advice to the team at STEF and is also planning a visit to see the hospital shortly.

At the heart of everything we do, there are amazing teams and individuals that contribute daily to the work of STEF both in Thailand, in the UK and beyond. We truly value each and every one of the many people that make up the STEF family and dedicate their time and skills to improving the health and welfare of the Asian Elephant in Southern Thailand.