Part of the dirt road to the veterinary centre that was swept away during the monsoon

Thailand’s monsoon rains can be very destructive. Each year the graded dirt road up to the STEF Veterinary Centre from the main road near Khok Kloi suffers damage in the rainy season, and each year we have to patch it up again to make it passable. Last year the rains were particularly heavy, and part of the road was swept away.

Now that the centre has been completed, we must ensure this dirt road, which runs for just over a mile from the main road, is always in good enough condition for large trucks carrying sick or injured elephants to reach the centre; so we need a more permanent solution to the problem.

Builders have recommended the installation of large drains underneath the road in the worst places to prevent the recurrence of this annual problem. Such a solution is essential but expensive, costing in the region of £10,000, so we were incredibly grateful when one of our amazing supporters offered us a grant of £10,000 specifically for this purpose. Work on the road will start straight away; and this year when the rains arrive – usually in May and continuing to October – we’ll be ready for them.

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