The new isolation unit under construction at the STEF Veterinary Centre

Construction has recently begun on a much-needed isolation unit at our elephant hospital in Khok Kloi, where we recently treated two patients with tuberculosis. These cases highlighted the importance of having a designated isolation area to avoid the spread of contagious diseases such as TB.

Two of our Trustees, Dr Fieke Molenaar and Dr Mike Seton, both qualified veterinarians who have visited the STEF hospital within the last six months, and who have regular online meetings with the senior vet at the hospital, Dr Aon, agreed that an isolation unit was essential, and funds were raised to pay for the building. We take great care at STEF to ensure the Veterinary Centre is operated in a professional manner, and we are pleased that the unit has been constructed without delay.

There is not much we can do about lightning strikes, however. Recently the weigh-bridge at the hospital was struck by lightning, which damaged the internal electrical works and the LED digital display. Fortunately, these have now been repaired, so the important task of weighing sick elephants to determine drug dosage and to monitor their progress can now be carried out safely and accurately.