Dr Cookie (Benjatham Thaitham) has recently joined the veterinary team at the Khok Kloi Elephant Hospital.

We are very pleased to announce that a new vet, Dr Cookie (aka Miss Benjatham Thaitham), has recently begun working at the STEF-funded veterinary centre at Khok Kloi, where she joins Dr Aon. We now have a formidable team of veterinarians at the hospital!

Another senior vet will make it much easier to look after elephant patients at the hospital as well as making the all-important callouts and check-ups in the mobile clinic. The need for another vet became all too apparent recently when three elephants were admitted to the hospital at one time, with one of them being in a critical condition. Working all night with a seriously sick elephant, having long-term patients that require a vet to be at the hospital at all times, and running the mobile clinic nearly every day, including emergency call-outs, meant that our senior vet, Dr Aon, was struggling to cover all the work – let alone get any time off.

So, the arrival of Dr Cookie, an experienced elephant vet who had been Acting Chief of the Krabi Elephant Hospital until August 2022, is very welcome. It means that our hospital can continue to expand its vital work in Southern Thailand, treating more elephants both at the hospital and in the field, and caring for the welfare and management of elephants in the area.