Another week, another visitor

elephant welfare

Roger Clark inspects construction work on the elephant barn at Ban Ton Sae

Last week it was the turn of STEF’s Hon. Treasurer, Roger Clark, to visit the Ban Ton Sae site and to see the progress being made on the veterinary centre funded by STEF.  He was shown around site by another of STEF’s Trustees, Jakrapob Thaotad, who is the project manager of the development.   Roger was pleased with what he saw: “I was delighted to see the progress that had been made since my last visit in August 2019.  The floor of the building where the elephants will be treated is complete and the pillars which will support the roof are well underway.  It was exciting to see the project moving towards completion”, he said.  See: the barn goes up.

Roger was particularly impressed with the landscape of the site which, over the last year, has benefited enormously from the clearance and tree planting programme carried out to provide suitably varied vegetation for elephants.  Work continues on this programme, and we are still encouraging supporters to sponsor a tree.  See: Sponsor a tree and also see: News 

“The site is looking well, with most of the newly planted trees flourishing”, said Roger.  Elephants being treated at the veterinary centre will be able to graze and roam freely over much of this reclaimed land.