The Elephant Barn Goes up

Sir Richard Armstrong, President of STEF, at the site of the Elephant Barn at Ban Ton Sae

STEF’s President, Sir Richard Armstrong, was at the site of the new Elephant Veterinary Centre at Ban Ton Sae last Thursday to see for himself the progress being made on the barn where sick or injured elephants will be treated (see previous news).  The concrete pillars were going up while he was there.  “It was satisfying to watch it happen” Sir Richard said.  “The eight pillar moulds have now been finished and filled with concrete. In a couple of days the cladding can come off and be used to create the eight internal pillars”

Once the pillars are up, the roof can be built, then we can lay the re-enforced concrete floor.

Elephants arriving at the veterinary centre will be unloaded via a haha close to the barn.  STEF is in the process of recruiting a specialist Thai veterinary surgeon to work at the new Centre, which we hope will be ready to receive its first elephants within just a few months.