The Trustees of STEF are lucky to be supported by four Volunteers, who have given their time freely to help us in our mission. It is time to publicly thank them for their work and to express our appreciation for their efforts. You can read a bit about each of them if you click here.

Two of the team, Blaid (left) and Jess (right), at different periods each spent several months working in Southern Thailand as volunteers at an ethical elephant park. Both are keen environmentalists who care passionately about elephants, their future and their welfare. Jess is now working as a Research Agronomist for a Biotechnology company in Nottingham, and Blaid, a qualified engineer, has a dynamic post with a multinational energy company with an office in central London. These two great people are helping us with our fundraising.

Abi, the third UK-based member of the team, has not worked in Thailand but she has made a visit to see for herself and to learn about our work and mission and after that was determined to assist us. She has an amazing background in business, travel and tourism and is bubbling with ideas to help us to promote the charity using social media platforms and in looking for companies and individuals who would like to be associated with our work. We are benefiting from her enthusiasm and marketing skills.

In the USA, we are lucky to have Sarah (left) working for us. Like Blaid and Jess, Sarah also worked with elephants in Southern Thailand as a Volunteer in 2018 and  saw for herself what can be achieved practically and effectively for the health and welfare of domesticated elephants. With a lot of experience working with animals, Sarah wants to help STEF do more to protect and care for this endangered species.

All of these young people share our passion for the Asian elephant. They all have busy lives of their own yet somehow find time to give several hours a week to working to assist us. We sincerely thank them all. If you are able to help them a bit in their work to raise the vital funds we need please do so. You can contact us for further information by clicking here. One of the team will get back to you asap!