Natakorn Jittanonta

Natakorn  (known as Tor)  joined STEF having spent the previous ten years working as a Project Manager and Consultant for various non-profit organisations including the World Vision International, the World Mosquito Program and Malaria Consortium. His aim is to translate STEF Thailand’s visions and ambitions to actionable organisational strategy and lead the charity towards even greater success. Tor describes himself as a self-starter and a keen problem solver.

Fluent in English, Tor studied at Dulwich International College in Phuket, where his family lives, and where his father is a distinguished small animal veterinarian. After school, Tor went on to take a BSc (Biological Science) degree at Mahidol University International College. His multicultural work experience has helped to sharpen his interpersonal skills and learn techniques in dealing with people from many different backgrounds and beliefs. At STEF Thailand, Tor’s task is provide financial management, communication, coordination, and fundraising to support Jake and the team, and to maintain close liaison with STEF UK.