Dr Aon

Elephant welfare

Dr Aon, Veterinary Officer at the Khok Kloi Veterinary Centre, joined the team at STEF Thailand after working for four years at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, where she was Chief of the Veterinary Department and involved in organising rescue and release procedures as well as treating hundreds of animals in their care. As well as elephants, she has worked with macaques, sun bears, lions and tigers, among others, and she has had additional specialist training in endoscopy, ophthalmology and dentistry.

Dr Aon studied at the Mahanakom University of Technology where she qualified as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  As well as her own Thai language, Dr Aon speaks fluent English and is learning Dutch. Her skills and her tireless enthusiasm are great assets to the success of the STEF veterinary centre, not only through clinical practice, but also in education and in working hard to improve the husbandry and welfare of the endangered Asian elephant in Southern Thailand.