Getting Well Prepared

Ginger the cat keeps a watchful eye as Dr Aon checks a recent delivery of drugs

At the STEF Veterinary Centre Khok Kloi, we’re revving up for our opening day on Thursday, 12th November – an auspicious day for the start of our major project according to the Holy Monk Phra Sirindhorn who has already blessed the new clinic.  Huge quantities of intravenous fluids have been delivered to Khok Kloi, as well as plenty of drugs including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, sedatives, local anesthetics, anthelmintics, and antiseptic liquids, cream and ointment. The fluids are particularly important because sick elephants can become dehydrated very quickly and can need 50 litres of fluid or more.

Dr Aon, our veterinary officer at Khok Kloi, will soon start her visits in the mobile clinic to local elephant owners in the Phang Nga and Phuket provinces. Many of these owners are poor mahouts who cannot afford medication for their elephants, but Dr Aon’s advice on their elephants’ welfare and her treatments will be supplied free of charge. More serious illnesses and injuries will be treated at the veterinary centre at Khok Kloi.

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