We Have Lights and Windows!

elephant veterinary centre

Looking out of the new windows of the office building at the veterinary centre at Ban Ton Sae

Things are really looking up at our site at Ban Ton Sae, in Phang Nga Province, where work on the elephant veterinary centre has been going at a great pace.  After a lull in activity during the worst of the Covid-19 lockdown, when the Provinces closed their borders and some of our workmen, based in Phuket, couldn’t get to the site, work is now going at full steam to get the huge elephant barn and the office/clinic building completed.

Glass panels have been fitted to the office windows and the solar panels on the roof have been wired up, so now we have lights and fans both functioning.  Although there is space on the roof for further solar panels to be fitted as required, our team reckons that we have enough power to cover all our needs at this stage.

In addition to the progress on the office, the elephant barn now has its concrete pillars in place and the water pump from the holding tank has been connected to the office building so, yes, we have water as well. There is still the ha ha to be constructed (for off-loading elephants from trucks when they arrive at the veterinary centre) but we are getting close to completion and therefore close to receiving our first elephants,  and at STEF we are all getting very excited!

The sooner we can finish the buildings, the sooner we can start helping injured or sick elephants, so please help us by donating on our link below.