On 7th December 2023, the STEF Veterinary Centre, received 15 visiting 4th year veterinary students from Walailak University. 

Through STEF Thailand’s collaboration with Dr. Marnoch Yindee (lecturer from Walailak University) and Dr. Rattapan Pattanarangsan (wildlife conservationist expert and guest lecturer), the Thai veterinary students were able to learn and experience first hand from STEF head vet Dr. Aon and Mr. Thawin (our guest mahout) on:

  • The different traditional tools that Thai mahout use along with how to properly and safely use them on Thai elephants.
  • Observing elephant behaviours and how to safely approach them in treatment pens and in outdoor settings.
  • Conducting a thorough physical examination of an elephant and collecting vital signs.
  • Common illnesses found at the STEF Veterinary Centre.
  • Discussions with Dr. Aon about her experience of being an elephant vet.

STEF Thailand aims to increase their collaboration with veterinary schools in Thailand the future to inspire and create a better understanding and awareness of future Thai veterinarians towards Thai elephant treatment and welfare.
Here in the UK, we are also continuously looking for collaboration opportunities, and are very fortunate to already have the expertise of our Trustee Dr Fieke Molenaar as well.