We Reached our Campaign Target to Fund Mains Electricity  – Now the Work Begins to Turn the Lights on!

A huge thank you to everyone who has so generously given funds to our campaign to raise £25,000 to secure mains electricity to our Elephant Hospital in Khok Kloi.  We are delighted to announce that we reached our target, and the electricity company has already marked out where the 124 telegraph poles will be sited across the four-mile stretch of countryside from the main road to the hospital. We are so excited to know that mains electricity will soon be available at the STEF Veterinary Hospital, and our vets will be very relieved when it finally gets there. A huge milestone for STEF and our wonderful supporters.

Our generator broke down again this week, and one of our solar panel wires was chewed by a mouse, so we are very excited at the prospect of having a reliable electricity supply.  It will make work at the hospital safer and more efficient, and our vet volunteers will even be able to have hot showers in their accommodation!

We hope that some of our wonderful supporters will come and visit the hospital in Thailand one day, or perhaps join one of our volunteer programmes.  We’d love to see you and show you how much of a difference your support makes.

If you missed our fundraising campaign, it’s not too late to support us on our journey to promote elephant health and welfare and provide free veterinary care for the endangered elephants in Southern Thailand. You can donate at any point, set up your own fundraiser or support us on a monthly basis. Discover all the ways you can support STEF here