Staff at the Veterinary Centre attend international meetings, workshops and conferences in Thailand.

Enabling the staff at the STEF Veterinary Centre to expand their knowledge and refine their skills is vital to ensuring they deliver the very best treatment to the elephants of Southern Thailand. 

Over the past few months several staff members have attended international meetings, workshops and conferences to ensure we can provide the very best of care to our patients, whilst learning about the latest developments in treatments and medicines. 

EEHV working group
Asian EEHV Working Group Meeting

The 5th Asian EEHV Working Group Meeting allowed staff from the hospital to hear and participate in the most up to date research regarding the deadly EEHV virus, which is unfortunately very common in young elephant calves. This virus claims the lives of many elephants every year so being able to communicate with other elephant vets and collaborate on potential solutions will most certainly benefit our vets and patients at the STEF hospital. 

The International Elephant Conservation and Research Symposium (IEF)

The 19th IEF enabled our staff to become more involved with the conservation and research of Asian elephants in Thailand and form collaborations that will benefit elephants with regards to researching the latest conservation, welfare and health initiatives.