Young Baiboon was admitted to the veterinary hospital in July 2023 after exhibiting some worrying symptoms including a loss of appetite, depression and temporal swelling (swelling localised to the temple region of the head).

She was given an anti-viral and anti-ulcer tablet to start treatment as soon as possible. She was administered an antipyretic to bring her temperature down and an antibiotic to relieve infection. She was also given vitamin C and fluids to boost her immune system and give her the best chance of making a full recovery. Blood samples were taken and the results came back showing that she had lower than normal platelets and white blood cells.

Veterinary Hospital or Mobile Clinic?Veterinary Hospital
Date of admission/call outJuly 2023
Age4 years
Symptoms– Depression
– Reduced appetite
– Temporal swelling
– Fever
Diagnosis– EEHV
Treatment– Anti-viral tablet
– Anti-ulcer tablet
– Antipyretic
– Antibiotic
– Vitamin C
– Fluids
Outcome– Recovered
– 1 day spent at the hospital
Cost of medication£60

This led the experienced vet team to test for Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (EEHV), which unfortunately came back with a positive result. EEHV is a very serious condition that only has a 30% chance of survival, but catching the virus early means the vet team can respond quickly to ensure this young female gets the treatment she needs. Read more about EEHV here.

When the team at STEF had completed the initial treatment, Baiboon was sent to Krabi elephant hospital for intensive monitoring and intravenous antiviral therapy. She would also be receiving acyclovir (an anti-viral drug used commonly to treat EEHV) three times a day and a blood transfusion to increase her platelet content. Dr Cookie (who has since left the STEF vet team) who is experienced in elephant blood transfusions accompanied Baiboon to Krabi to help with the ongoing treatment.