Another year, and another incredible Big Give Christmas Challenge. STEF took part again, increasing our target to £14,000 from £12,000 last year and we are absolutely delighted to announce that we reached our target. What a fantastic achievement, allowing us to continue providing the best medical care for the endangered elephants of Southern Thailand.

We could not have done it without every single one of our generous donors, so a huge, elephant sized thank you. Your support means so much to us and makes an enormous difference to the lives of the elephants.

With the £14,000 raised we can:

  • Build an Intensive Care Unit

    We need to build an intensive care unit to treat elephants with serious conditions. Sadly, these patients are often young elephants with EEHV, an often deadly virus. Read more about EEHV here. 

    The cost of building an intensive care unit will be £5,500.

  • Buy A New Mobile Clinic Vehicle

    We need to fund a new vehicle to enable our vets to run the mobile clinic and reach elephants in remote parts of Southern Thailand. Our current vehicle has clocked over 200,000 km and needs replacing.

    We need  £7,240 for a deposit on a hire purchase and then payments of £448.20 every month for four years.