Vernon Hill with an elephant

Renowned American banker Vernon Hill and his wife Shirley have donated $100,000 to STEF. This gift will have a huge impact on the work we do at our Veterinary Centre in Southern Thailand.

Vernon Hill is the founder and former Chairman of Metro Bank, the UK’s newest, fastest-growing and animal-friendly high street bank. The Hill Family Foundation’s grant stands as a beacon of hope, emphasizing the potential for transformative change in the landscape of elephant welfare.

Mr Hill commented: “We are very pleased to announce support for this wonderful cause to provide free veterinary care for the endangered Asian elephant. Shirley and I are looking forward to watching the development of the outstanding service offered by STEF and are proud to be part of making a difference to the health and welfare of this magnificent animal.”

Chairman of STEF, Dr Andrew Higgins said “We are deeply grateful for this tremendous gift. Vernon founded the famous UK Kennel Club Charitable Trust International Canine Awards, and he and Shirley have a proven commitment to improving animal health and welfare worldwide. This generous donation to STEF marks a pivotal moment in our journey to secure a brighter future for Asian elephants.”

STEF’s dedication to elephant welfare is not limited to immediate care. We have a holistic commitment to preserving these magnificent animals and their significance to Thai culture. Jakrapob Thaotad, Founder of STEF, commented that “Asian elephants are an emblem of Thailand’s cultural heritage, symbolizing longevity, loyalty, and strength. Our efforts are fueled by a responsibility to ensure their survival and well-being.”

Jakrapob added, “The urgency of STEF’s mission is underscored by the precarious state of the Asian elephant, now classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, with a drastic decline in their population. A hundred years ago we had 400,000 elephants in Thailand but habitat loss due to deforestation and changing farming practices has caused numbers to plumet to 3,300 wild elephants in our national parks and 3,700 in private ownership. With the help of Vernon and Shirley Hill we will now redouble our efforts to secure their future health and welfare.”

STEF invites individuals, corporations, and anyone who loves elephants as much as us to join hands and amplify the effect of this generous donation. With collective support, STEF can forge a future where elephants thrive, for generations to come. Contact Us or donate here.

Photo caption:

Mr Vernon Hill and his devoted Yorkshire terrier, Sir Duffield II, pictured here with beautiful Asian elephant Jana in her home territory in Phang Nga Province in the South of Thailand.