Sarah Lang

Sarah was born and raised in the Cincinnati area, where she now lives.  Her undergraduate degree was from Berea College where she majored in Ethology, and Theater and minoring in Film, and Philosophy.  She was the youngest person to ever be accepted and graduate from Miami University’s Project Dragonfly Master’s program, where she focused on Animal Welfare, and Non-placental Mammalian Cognition and Reproduction. Sarah worked in Southern Thailand with Phang Nga Elephant Park as a Volunteer in 2018 and really saw for herself what can be achieved for domesticated elephants in Southern Thailand.

Sarah has worked in several different zoos and animal facilities across the US, caring for all types of animals ranging from snakes and owls to guinea pigs and giraffes, but she has specifically worked with elephants for about 5 years. She says she is so excited to work with STEF to help provide premier welfare for Thai elephants and to inspire in people a respect for nature and a call to conservation.