Dr Mink

We are pleased to welcome Untika Sitthitrai, nicknamed “Mink”, who joins the team at the STEF Veterinary Centre having recently graduated as a doctor in Veterinary Medicine from Mahanakorn University of Technology, Bangkok. During her studies, Dr Mink did practical work with many different types of animals, including working at the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre Lampang.  It was here that she became interested in treating elephants, and soon it became her dream to work with these amazing creatures.

Since arriving at the STEF Veterinary Centre, Dr Mink has already started treating elephants under the guidance of our chief veterinary officer, Dr Aon, and she has met many owners in the region. She is keen to “help the elephant in Thailand and also support elephant conservation in a sustainable way”.

In her spare time, Dr Mink loves travelling and food. She was born in Chonbjuri Province and brought up in Bangkok with her parents, who were both pharmacists. Her family background, coupled with an interest in animals since her childhood, helped Dr Mink to choose a veterinary career. She speaks good English, and will undoubtedly be a great asset to the team at the STEF Veterinary Centre.