Our key focus for 2020

Our main aim for 2020 has been to raise enough money to fund the construction of a much needed elephant veterinary centre and to pay for its running costs.  The site of the veterinary centre is on land in the jungle near Khok Kloi, where we hope also to create a home of rest for old or abandoned elephants. (see Projects)

Our Principles

Sis for a Sustainable future for the Thai elephant which we aim to advance through welfare and education projects while recognising land limitations and the importance of the Asian elephant in Thai culture

Tis for Targeting standards of welfare through the provision of veterinary care for sick elephants and by supporting centres that care for elephants that can no longer work or have been abandoned, neglected or abused.

Eis for Education which we aim to provide both in Thailand and worldwide by promoting our work, supporting research, and enabling people to understand and nurture the concepts of elephant welfare and sustainability.

Fis for Funding. We can only achieve our objectives with your support. We need to raise the funds required to provide better health and welfare for Thai elephants in order to improve their lives and sustain their future.