Simone Trebilcock

Simone volunteered at Phang Nga Elephant Park in 2018 for 6 months and loved it so much that she went back to visit again in January 2019 and again in November/December 2019. She loved educating herself and visitors about ethical elephant tourism and teaching them about conservation. Simone has always had a passion for elephants and loves to bond with these magnificent animals. She knows the truth of the saying ‘an elephant never forgets’.

During her time in Thailand, Simone paid many visits to the site of the STEF Veterinary Centre and has so enjoyed following progress with the land development and building programme. She is excited to be a part of the STEF team and enthusiastic to help us build our goal and give the elephants in Southern Thailand the home and healthcare that they so deserve.

Simone works as a carer and hopes for a career in the nursing sector. But her constant aim is to try to save money for her next return trip to Thailand!