Sponsor a Tree project closes

Helping develop an ecologically sensitive forest home for Elephants

The project to Sponsor a tree and help STEF to restore a jungle where elephants can roam naturally and the ecosystem can be restored for posterity, has now been closed.  We shall be adding plaques to trees with the names of everyone who generously sponsored this appeal, and we shall continue to carefully control the landscape at the site of the STEF  Elephant Veterinary Centre near Klok Klai which, as well as providing new veterinary facilities, will also offer an ecologically diverse environment for old, sick or abandoned elephants.

Project aim

The aim of the STEF Sponsor a Tree appeal was to support the planting and maintenance of native trees, hedges and grasses to reconnect fragmented habitat following the clearances of historic rubber tree plantations, to provide shelter and shade for our elephant population, and to provide additional food sources for the Park’s natural bird and animal populations.

Previous rubber tree and palm oil plantations at the site of the new elephant veterinary centre had degraded the land and reduced the species diversity, but with new plantations now almost completed, the land is set to become an important biodiversity site.

The site will be carefully managed and monitored to secure long-term success of the planting program and to nurture our flora in a sensitive ecological way while providing an optimal environment for our elephants.  Our thanks to all of you who have helped us to achieve this so far.

Our main focus now is on the completion of the buildings for the elephant veterinary centre and to raise funds for the running costs, so that we can provide free elephant care in this region of Southern Thailand (see news) .