Jessica Webster

Jess is another of our Media and Fundraising Volunteers. She is a biology graduate with a passion for travel, and worked in Southern Thailand with Phang Nga Elephant Park as an Admin Volunteer in 2018-2019. Whilst working at that Park, and always enthusiastic about sharing her stories with visitors Jess realised the importance that guests left with not only amazing memories but an insight into the reality of elephant welfare in Thailand.

As such, when she asked STEF how she could help the charity, we invited her to join the team. She is now working with Blaid to help raise much needed funds for STEF Thailand’s new elephant hospital in Ban Ton Sae.

Jess has always been strongly interested in ecology and conservation. Before her elephant experience, she was surrounded by animals, owning three dogs, a hamster, goldfish, stick insects, as well as working with horses and cattle, and looking after friends’ chickens, and even African land snails. She also loves working with children. Among her hobbies she counts diving, drawing, netball, and playing the guitar. Her lovely personality will be a huge asset to STEF.

Jess now works as a Research Agronomist for a Biotechnology company in Nottingham.