Advisers and Volunteers

Jennifer Farley

Jennifer Farley (Development Manager)

Jennifer joins us from a marketing, operations, and administrative background. She is working part-time for STEF, helping with fundraising, marketing, and general administrative tasks. Read more about Jennifer

Lee Sambrook

Lee Sambrook (Technical Adviser)

We are delighted to benefit from the knowledge and experience of one of the world’s leading elephant authorities. Read more about Lee >

elephant veterinary clinic

Dr Pattarawan Phumpanna (Vet)

Dr Pattarawan Phumpanna, known as Dr Aon, Veterinary Officer at the Ban Ton Sae Veterinary Centre. Read more about Dr Aon>

suction eating by elephants

Brennan Finn (Volunteer Veterinary Assistant)

Finn is a Vet Assistant Volunteer working in Thailand for STEF. Read more about Finn >

Simone Trebilcock (Volunteer)

Simone volunteers as Social Media Volunteer for STEF. Read more about Simone >

Holly Collicott (Volunteer)

Holly volunteers as an Educational Writer for STEF. Read more about Holly >

Jessica Webster (Volunteer)

Jess is one of STEF’s wonderful Media and Fundraising Volunteers. Read more about Jess >

Sarah Lang (Volunteer USA)

Sarah is STEF’s US-based Media and Fundraising Volunteer. Read more about Sarah >